Training Material

Training Units

Having been involved in local church ministry since 1974 it has been our observation that there are some essential, non-negotiable theological issues that are clearly indispensable in the pursuit, establishment and maintenance of a thoroughly biblical ministry.

These are the topics that make up the training units of ENW. Each unit consists of 20-22 hours of instruction. For more information on this material, see this brochure.

1. Foundations for Biblical Ministry

2. Foundations for Biblical Counseling

  • Establishing the Biblical Basis for Biblical Counseling
  • Do We Need Theology in Counseling?
  • Developing a Theological Model for Word Ministry and Biblical Living
  • One Anothering One Another
  • Key Elements in Counseling
  • Presuppositions for Biblical Counseling
  • Case Studies
  • The Theology of Feelings
  • Forgiveness God’s Way
  • Communicating the Bible Way

3. Foundations for the Christian Family

  • The Basics of Marriage
  • Simple Thoughts on the Home
  • Conflict Resolution
  • The Wife’s Role—Submission, Respect
  • The Husband’s Role—Loving, Leading and Learning
  • Biblical Principles of Sex
  • Defining the Parental Role
  • Admonishing and Nurturing Your Child
  • The Manipulative Child
  • The Bible, Teens and Sex
  • Helping Your Child Have a Heart for God

4. Foundations for Pastoral Preaching

  • Hermeneutics—Principles of Bible Study
  • Homiletics—Planning, Preparation, Development, Organization and Presentation of Sermons
  • Toward a Theological Examination of “The Call”: How God Engages and Authorizes Men for Ministry Today

5. Foundations for Pastoral / Church Administration

  • Who I Am Determines What I Do (Pastor, Elder, Bishop)
  • Biblical Goals and Priorities
  • Time Management
  • Flow Charts for Organization
    • Church Organization Flow Chart
    • “Three Component Mission” Ministry Evaluation
  • Training Your People to Understand Pastoral Roles, Responsibilities and Priorities
  • Leadership Detection, Development and Deployment
  • The Office of Deacon
  • The Christian Work Ethic
  • Delegation
  • Strategic Planning
  • The Theology of Stewardship

6. Foundations for Knowing and Worshipping God

  • The Attributes of God
  • Worship
    • What It Is
    • Where It Takes Place
    • When It Takes Place
    • How to Do It
    • Who Can Do It
  • Applications of God’s Attributes to Life and Ministry

7. Foundations for Continued Growth and Maturity

  • Characteristics of Biblical Love
  • Developing a Biblical Mind: The Doctrine of Discernment or Learning to Think Like God
  • God’s Will—Decision Making for the Christian
  • 15 Privileges and Responsibilities of Every Church Member
  • Premarital Counseling
  • The Doctrine of Progressive Sanctification (Review)
  • The Doctrine of Biblical Sufficiency (Review)
  • The Doctrine of Church Discipline (Review)

8. Demonstrations of Expository Preaching

  • 1 Samuel 1:1-4:1a—Five Messages
  • Proverbs 1:1-2:22—Four Messages
  • Romans 1:18-3:20—Eight Messages

9. Foundations for Ministering to Youth

  • Staying Pure in an Impure Culture
  • The Bible, Teens and Sex
  • Before You Consider a Relationship
  • Biblical Basis of Marriage
  • Biblical Principles of Sex
  • What in the World Is the World?
  • Helping Those Who Struggle with Assurance
  • Will You Love Your Wife?
  • Will You Submit to Your Husband?
  • What Is True Love?
  • Those Who Lust for Approval
  • Why Youth Need the Book of Proverbs
  • Seven Admonitions for Youth from Proverbs
  • Helping Your Teen Have a Heart for God

10. Foundations for Advanced Biblical Counseling

  • Developing Good Communication
  • Giving Reproof Wisely
  • Receiving Reproof Well
  • Pursuing a Biblical Conscience
  • The Biblical Basis for Looking at Heart Idols
  • Helping Angry People
  • Helping People Who Worry
  • Three Theological and Practical Principles for Dealing with Worry

11. Foundations for Advanced Biblical Counseling II

  • Overcoming Evil with Good
  • Developing a Theology of the Family
  • The False Doctrine of the Carnal Christian
  • Facing Temptation Biblically
  • Breaking the Bondage of Sinful Hearts
  • How to Grow Old with Grace
  • Which Church Should I Join?
  • Psalm 73—Correcting a Skewed Worldview
  • The Scriptures Are Useful

12. Foundations for Biblical Leadership

  • Nehemiah: The Profile of a Godly Leader
  • Battling Feminist Theology
  • God’s Kind of Leader at Home and Church
  • Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  • Five Leadership Principles from 1 Samuel 14
  • Effective Ministry Through Organization and Delegation
  • Meeting Needs Without Neglecting Priorities
  • Who I Am Determines What I Do
  • Identifying Leadership Potential
  • Deacon: Office of Service and Relief
  • Pastors Train Pastors in the Context of Pastoral Ministry

13. Foundations for Intentional Participation in Local Church Body Life

  • The Local Church—Foundational Truths
  • Components of Early Church Life
  • Using Your Spiritual Gifts—An Overview
  • Biblical Principles Concerning Money and Giving
  • The Doctrine of Church Membership
  • Men Strengthening Men
  • Building and Maintaining Unity in the Assembly
  • Why the Doctrine of Forgiveness Is Not Liked by Some
  • The Consequences of Refusing to Forgive
  • The Theology of a Discipleship Ministry
  • God’s People and Their Music
  • Be a Good Learner
  • How to Effectively Listen to Preaching

14. Foundations for Dealing with “Social Issues”

  • How You Should Think and What You Should Do About Your Past
  • The Doctrine of Man (Anthropology)
  • Everyone Needs Hope
  • The Cultural Doctrine of Self-Esteem, Self-Love & Self-Image
  • Conquering the Sin of Lust
  • Help for Eating Disorders (Anorexia & Bulimia)
  • Work, Retirement and Related Issues
  • Biblical Help for the “Stressed Out” Person

15. Foundations for Dealing with “Social Issues” II

  • Replacing Sinful Pride with Christlike Humility
  • Dethroning the “god” of Materialism
  • Helping the Depressed Person
  • Overcoming Fear that Debilitates
  • Dealing with Guilt Biblically
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Survey of Secular Counseling Philosophies
  • Helping the Perfectionist


ENW desires to provide a variety of options to the local church for equipping. For this reason, ENW offers the following Mini-Modules. Each is strategically designed and specifically formatted to focus on a particular area of Christian Living. Each Mini-Module is formatted for 7-10 hours of training.

1. Teens and Youth

2. The Gospel

3. Prayer & Scripture

4. Marriage & Family

5. Christian Parenting

6. The Christian Couple

7. Developing Relationships God’s Way

8. The Doctrine of Biblical Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

9. The Will of God

10. Counseling Presuppositions

11. Problem Solving

12. Leadership

Profile of a Godly Leader – Sample

13. Idolatry & Worship

14. Essentials for a Biblical Ministry

15. For Pastors/Elders

16. A Refresher Course in Homiletics

17. The Church Is a Counseling Center

18. Guilt, Forgiveness & a Biblical Conscience

19. The Attributes of God

20. New Testament Missions

Training Locations