ENW brings qualified experienced pastors, along with well-equipped deacons and laymen, who have practiced biblical truth for years where reality is lived out—in the context of local church life.

The pastors, teachers, and laymen who will make up the Teams are men and women committed to the stated purpose:

To help national pastors and their congregations discover, develop, aggressively pursue, and effectively maintain a thoroughly biblical philosophy of Great Commission Ministry.

ENW wants to bring to the field the curriculum packaged in human flesh—to be seen as well as heard. The curriculum can’t be limited to notes in a three-ring binder. It must be practiced and personified by those who equip.

Both Jesus and Paul served as their own curriculum (1 Corinthians 11:1; Philippians 4:9; 2 Timothy 3:10, 14). Their disciples saw and heard truth incarnated in flesh. The point is not to eliminate papers, notes, notebooks etc. The point is to not think that providing information in a notebook is the end of the equipping process or even the best way to do the equipping. The point is to bring to the field an example that can be seen as well as heard in the form of a growing Christian who serves as a pastor, deacon or layman. There is a sense of credibility and a powerful impact brought to the training process when experienced pastors and well-trained deacons and lay teachers are involved.

ENW will come to the field prepared to stay for the time necessary to accomplish the purpose of each trip. Trips to different countries will require careful communication, coordination, and flexibility. The necessary time to be in a country on any given trip will therefore be determined based on training goals and needs established between ENW and the missionaries and/or national pastors.

Because relationship development is so vital to a training strategy, ENW asks for and is willing to give at least a 10 year commitment. The commitment includes group training through pastors’ conferences and Q&A sessions as well as individual counseling, consulting, mentoring and more. All notes are translated into the native language. Because of this, the material can be continually used as a valuable resource to grow and equip others.

ENW offers a follow-up component as part of the training. The follow-up component is a discipleship tool (also translated into the native language) designed to help the pastors further train and implement truth into the hearts and lives of their people. For example, one of these discipleship tools is an inductive study through the book of 1 John—A Journey Through First John. It consists of 16 practical lessons to strengthen the believer in his walk with Christ.

Our Team