Executive Director

Dr. Bill Hill

Bill Hill was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. He was converted as a young boy and went to Bible college after high school graduation. He met his wife, Chris, a military chaplain’s daughter, while preparing for the ministry, and they were married in 1974. Bill and Chris have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Bill, along with Chris, has served in local church ministry since 1974 as a ministry intern, youth pastor, assistant pastor, evangelist, and senior pastor (1987–2005). Since 2005, he has served as the executive director for Equipping Nationals Worldwide.

In 1997, while serving as senior pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Brevard, NC, Bill took his first missions trip. It was to the Philippines. He had the privilege of holding a training conference for pastors and workers. Bill addressed the group in several sessions and responded to many of their questions. During his visit, he was also able to speak in several of their churches. The question that arrested Bill’s attention was: When can you come back? He began to think and pray about the best way to invest the next 15-20 years of his life for the cause of Christ. His desire for training national pastors was growing. The need for this training was obvious. The desire for it from the national pastors was as well. Good stewardship of time, desires, effort, and gifts seemed to be pointing to the launch of such a ministry. In 2005, Equipping Nationals Worldwide was founded. Since then, ENW has trained pastors in 9 countries.

Training Partners

Mike Faidley

Lead Elder, Grace Bible Fellowship
Somerset, PA

Nevin Hersch

Elder in Training, Grace Bible Fellowship
Somerset, PA

Rein Allweil

Deacon, Bethany Baptist Church
Brevard, NC

Jack Lezza

Pastor, Independent Baptist Church
Boiling Brook, IL

Dan Hicks

Deacon, Grace Baptist Church
Taylors, SC

James Bledsoe

Lead Elder, Faithway Baptist Church
Greensboro, NC

Dave Robinette

Lead Elder, Bible Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC

Board Members

Dan Hicks

Deacon, Grace Baptist Church in Taylors, SC

Jack Lezza

Pastor, Independent Baptist Church in Boiling Brook, IL

Mike Karns

Co-pastor, Beacon Baptist Church in Burlington, NC

Mike Faidley

Lead Elder, Grace Bible Fellowship in Somerset, PA

Bill Hill

Executive Director, Equipping Nationals Worldwide in Etowah, NC

Support Staff

Wendy Pfoutz

Curriculum Editor/Coordinator

Lisa Faidley

Office Support

Andy Anglea

IT Support

Shawn Eshelman