December 2023 Update – Ivory Coast

ENW just returned from the Ivory Coast. We enjoyed two full weeks of training including our annual pastor’s conference and our bi-annual Institute class. Both were well attended and seemingly enjoyed by all who did.

The pastor’s conference covered the following topics (and more) from Unit 14: Foundations for Advanced Biblical Counseling:
The Doctrine of Anthropology: The Secularist’s theories were laid out and then the strong Biblical Theology was given. We must know who man is before we can effectively diagnose and or bring the biblical solution to help.
Help to Deal with Your Past God’s Way: Many are confused and stumble when thinking about and responding biblically regarding their past. These 8 sessions brought clarity and help for these pastors.

The second week included a class full of young men training for ecclesiastical ministry. The week was consumed with a thorough study of The Doctrine or the Holy Spirit and the Charismatic Movement. This was an exciting, robust discussion and interaction.

Dr. Robert Mach is the missionary pastor and church planter as well as the director of the Bible Institute. It is always a blessing to be with him, his wife Becky and the church/Institute family.

I may have mentioned in our last report about the newest book available through CLR (, The Biblical Doctrine of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. This comes as the result of years of study, discussion and series preaching on the subject. My desire is that it will not only be an at-the-ready handbook for pastors but will provide help, hope and clear answers for any touched by this issue or those seeking to help others think biblically about it.

It was a joy to be with our Myanmar pastor and his new congregation in Tucker, Georgia the weekend before Christmas. Pastor Dal Go Mang (from Tedim, Chin State in Myanmar) is stateside working toward his PhD and pastoring this assembly. We met Saturday and Sunday afternoon to discuss The Christian Family. The teaching was very well received. One of the obvious characteristics of this church is the number of young people. Out of an attendance of 65-70, nearly 40 are youth which provides a wonderful future ahead for this group.

It is an honor to be associated with and an integral part of the development of this work as brother Mang pursues a ministry of revitalization and leadership development.

It is a blessing to announce ENW’s newest ministry available for pastors and churches. We are launching a Pastoral Consultation ministry: To Come alongside God’s Shepherds
to bring Help, Hope, Encouragement, Networking, and Loving Accountability is our desire.

Following is a sampling of the areas ENW can offer help and hope for pastors looking for the next biblical options to consider:
● Helping pastors think through difficult church scenarios such as church
discipline and complicated divorce cases
● Assistance with difficult counseling scenarios
● Identifying and evaluating young, aspiring shepherds; thinking through
biblical process to identify their gifts, qualifications and biblical desire, and
setting a plan to train them in the context of local ministry
● Offering refresher studies in Homiletics and Hermeneutics
● Training in Biblical Counseling and Discipleship — building a team of couples
and singles who can assist the leadership by handling difficult, more
advanced counseling needs as well as train other disciple makers
● Provide pastoral friendship, encouragement, loving accountability and potential networking with other pastors for continued encouragement and
ministry input
● Provide help to churches looking for a pastor
● Provide short term pulpit supply

Here is what one leader said about this ministry:
My relationship with Dr. Hill spans twenty-five years. We met when I was a university student studying for Pastoral ministry. As my mentor, he helped answer many of my questions about the ministry. I served under Dr. Hill for several years while he was pastoring a local church. We have been together in six foreign country visits to train national pastors for the ministry. In God’s providence, I began a church plant in my home town in Pennsylvania. Dr. Hill began and continues to help me with that journey.
Pastor Mike Faidley, Grace Bible Fellowship, Somerset, PA

Another says:
I want to express my sincere recommendation and endorsement of Dr. William (Bill) Hill to your congregations. I have known Dr. Hill as a mentor and as my dear friend. His wisdom and academic credentials are stellar and those that know him have
witnessed a life reflecting that wisdom. I know of no single individual that has the depth and breadth of spiritual wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God that Dr. Hill possesses. I have watched and witnessed his drive and desire to edify the body of Christ, the local church, and in particular, train and prepare men for ministry.
Pastor Bill Dudley, Beacon Beach Baptist Church, VA Beach

Please pray for Chris. She will have full knee replacement surgery January 26. We pray this will truly give her relief and much more pain-free mobility. Chris and I trust each of you have had a wonderful Christmas season and that your new year will hold many of God’s richest blessings.

Thank you for your consistent prayer and financial help through these 18 years of ENW’s training ministry. We could not pursue all that we do without the ministry you have to us and we truly count you as fellow helpers to the truth (III John 8).