March 2023 Update – Uruguay

In the most biblical way, you all are indeed partners in ENW’s mission of equipping the next generation of Shepherds. John characterizes the sender and the one sent with this phrase in III John 8—“we are fellow-helpers to the truth”. For this, we are deeply grateful.

ENW just returned from Uruguay, South America. God gave us a fruitful ministry among the pastors as well as some of their churches.

The first Sunday we were in two churches. Calvary Temple, pastored by Gustavo, in the AM. Sunday evening we had the opportunity to be with pastor Ovidio in El Cerro.

As well, Pastor Ovidio asked me to do three nights of focused ministry with his men, his youth and once again, with his church family (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

It was a joy to have Kevin White as my translator this year. He is our partner in Bolivia. He and his wife, Beth, are serving the Lord as church planters and we have had the opportunity to be with him and his young pastors several times … the next training scheduled in Bolivia is this coming September.

Our primary focus, as usual, is the pastor’s training conference. This year it was at Camp Emmanuel outside of Montevideo.

When considering dates and topics this year, Gaby, the pastor in charge of arranging these, said the men wanted a study in Psalm 119 and they desired the focus to be on them for enrichment as men of God. I believe the Lord granted that desire.
It was a blessing to walk through (only halfway) Psalm 119. This man, facing all sorts of life scenarios, faced each one with his God and the word of his God. His sole resource for spiritual direction, strength, encouragement and wisdom for all the challenges he faced was truth found in Scripture alone. Under nearly every pressure you could imagine, he walked consistently, dependently, and successfully—the word of God was sufficient for each difficulty.

It is always encouraging to hear of how these pastors implement what they are being taught through the ministry of ENW. Following are some examples:

  • The men who attended this year’s conference seemed to be very encouraged, some mentioning plans to bring these truths to their church families soon.
  • One pastor told me he had done a series from our family training. He testified that the truths taught restored marriages that were on the edge of separation and divorce—to God be the glory.
  • Another pastor said he taught his congregation the series we did last year at the pastor’s conference—The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the Charismatic Movement.
  • One of the ladies, Chicha Rodriquez, who has been a faithful servant for over 50 years in Uruguay, told me on the first Sunday that the ENW training through the years has had a wonderful impact on the pastors and ministries. Coming from her, this was, indeed, a wonderful encouragement.

So, please continue to pray and give as you’re able, that God continues to use both investments to equip the next generation of Shepherds.

ENW leaves for the Ivory Coast in May and then, as mentioned above, for Bolivia in September.

Your support and encouragement are very much appreciated. God is not unfaithful to forget your work of faith and labor of love… we continue to serve with and for you as “fellow-helpers to the truth.”