October 2018 Philippine Tour

It is hard to believe but ENW’s 2018 Philippine tour will be here before you can turn around: October. Last year ENW had the opportunity to take our training to a completely new venue. This year that venue will be on the Island of Cebu.

There is a group of pastors there who are eager to receive training and have asked ENW to come and provide that for them. We are getting prepared to do just that. Included with this letter are a few pictures from last year’s training with some of the nationals teaching the next generation there.

Travel must soon be arranged and therefore finances must be available. So, I am asking you, ENW’s interested, praying, and very supportive partners, to come alongside and help. Would you prayerfully consider what you could do to help offset the expenses for this Philippine tour?

Each of our tours are approximately $2,500. The Philippines seems to be a bit more expensive than others because there are a few more expenses that we incur. ENW continues to help nationals with the cost of food in one venue as well as pay for our own lodging in local motels. If we could raise approximately $3,000 fairly soon, this should cover the Philippine expenses and if there is any left over it goes right into the ENW travel fund for future tours.

Thank you for any help you can offer for this upcoming training. Also, we have asked along the way for churches and/or individuals to consider covering one tour per year. If this is something that you’d
like to think through, I’m happy to discuss any particular details of needs, locations, etc. that your investment may have the greatest impact.

It is a joy and honor to serve these dear men and women by bringing biblical training to them. Thank you for making it possible to do so.