Report from the Ivory Coast

ENW has just returned from her 10th tour in the Ivory Coast. It was a huge blessing. Someone told me Sunday, “You always have a great time.” My response was, “God is always good.” That is so true and it is truly a privilege to serve God and these wonderful pastors by providing training for them.

The format of this trip was a seminary class designed specifically for pastors and/or men who have completed a bachelor’s degree. The class consisted of 25-30 men (the far majority were pastors).

The topic was “Advanced Biblical Counseling”. Brother Bob Mach, our missionary contact there, was sure this would be well attended and he was right. There was lots of interest and good discussion throughout the week.

“Advanced Biblical Counseling” is Unit Ten of ENW’s fifteen units. The unit includes the following subjects:

  • Developing Good Communication
  • Giving Reproof Wisely
  • Receiving Reproof Well
  • Pursuing a Biblical Conscience
  • The Biblical Basis for Looking at Heart Idols
  • Helping Angry People
  • Turning Worry into Peace

ENW will return to the Ivory Coast in December to teach Unit 4, “Foundations for Pastoral Preaching” and Unit 9, “Foundations for Ministering to Youth”. Please pray as preparation is well underway for this wonderful opportunity ahead.

We are raising needed travel expenses for the Philippine tour in October as well as our great opportunity in Myanmar next January/February. $2,500 is needed to offset travel expenses (per trip) and the same amount is needed to meet the need for 50 pastors in Myanmar to be trained for a week. The average monthly salary of these dear pastors is $20. If you can help sponsor one week of training, it would be greatly appreciated.

Chris and I hope each of you have a wonderful summer enjoying the blessings of God and the God of all blessings